03 January 2021

JavaPeanuts reloaded - #askpietro

So, nine years later, here we are: a few of published posts, many periods of silence - the longest one of more than three years!! - and many ideas for incoming posts and content.

But the "Java" prefix no longer matches my professional life, I moved a long time ago to other technologies - .Net and NodeJs above all - and my professional interests range now from DevOps to distributed systems, from backend to frontend, from Kotlin to C# 9 to TypeScript... and - last but not least - this Blogger-powered blog shows a bunch of limits for code formatting and layout customization, which are starting to bother me... so... I decided to move to another technology stack, based on

and switched to a less language-specific blog name: now you can find my (restyled!) old posts - and soon a series of new ones - on #askpietro: keep in touch!